Stump Grinding and Tree Removal Hamilton Wide

We have completed large and small projects, from hedge trimming to large-scale farming and commercial tree removal as well as our mainstay stump grinding. If you require an expert in tree services, trust us to do the job.

Stump Grinders Hamilton

Get value for money when you choose Stump ‘n’ grind for a variety of services. We provide no obligation free quotes for jobs of any size.

Our team values quality. We complete the job to perfection. In addition, our specialists also clean up the trimmings after completing the job so your garden remains tidy.

Tree Pruning

We offer comprehensive pruning services that will maintain the health of your trees. Our team can do corrective pruning, thinning, and tree surgery for all types of trees and shrubs.

Tree Removal

There are cases when it becomes necessary to completely remove a tree from your property. The tree may be dying, diseased, or present a hazard to you and other people. Stump n’ Grind has a team of tree removal specialists who can safely remove the tree at your convenience.

Hedge Trimming

Whether you require a one-time hedge trimming service or regular maintenance, Stump n’ Grind can do the job. We regularly trim hedges so you can be confident that we will carry out the job to the highest standard. We also remove the trimmings to keep your garden clean and neat.

Stump Grinding

Stump n’ Grind is a specialist in stump grinding and no job is too big or too small for us. We have the equipment that lets us reach hard-to-access areas and larger machinery for larger jobs. Expect professional and efficient stump grinding service when you choose us.

Crown Lifting / Canopy Reduction

Our experienced arborists can remove selected tree limbs and prune overgrowths to create better lighting in your garden. You can be assured that the tree will keep its shape and profile. Expect to enjoy better views while being confident that your tree will remain healthy.


South to Central Auckland, Wider Waikato Region and Coromandel.