What we do

When removing a tree, you’ll probably be left with a stubborn, bulky tree stump that is not only visually unappealing, ruining what could be an otherwise beautiful landscape. Tree stumps can be a trip hazard or a breeding ground for some unwelcome creepy crawlies. They’ll also get in the way whether you’re planning to replant, erect a new fence or just need some extra space. So, it’s crucial to get them removed.

Our stump grinders are the safest & most effective way to remove tree stumps without messing up or damaging any of your existing landscaping.

What we use

Here at Stump and Grind we are equipped with the latest stump grinding & removal equipment along with all the skills & experience to get the job done to perfection. We have portable stump grinders to fit into those small or awkward, difficult to reach spaces with ease, as well as larger machinery for those bigger heavy-duty jobs.

stump grind
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